Transformational Music

Crystal bowls, acoustic instruments and vocal sounds are layered to create vibrations that resonate with energetic fields to activate integrated healing on all levels. This is done by creating an experience of ultimate relaxation in which our hearts and minds can expand into greater self-awareness and self-acceptance. As we release repetitive, unconscious patterns that limit us, we unleash the creative, inner, healing potential that is the intent and possibility of the mind/body connection. On this CD, Rahbi takes you on a journey from our roots, through our injuries, to discover the Divine Child within. Vocal sounds, in the Vedic tradition and the English language, are included to encourage the listener to participate when so inspired.


"This is an amazing musical and spiritual experience that elevates the energy of the lower three chakras to new heights and healing."
Dr. Kenneth Dennis, Rehabilitation Psychologist

"I thought the first section on Root Chakra was incredibly powerful, but then I was even more blown away by the Sacrum Chakra. Rahbi, this is truly a master work. Deeply, deeply powerful. There were times the whole house was throbbing with vibration & every cell in the structures of the walls were resonating. And what an ending with the Gong!"
Pat Christy, Manager New Earth, NC