Rahbi Crawford and Peter Phippen

Transformational Music

Rahbi is presently collaborating with Peter Phippen, A Grammy Award nominee and three-time Native American Music Award nominee. 

"Sacred Sound for the Soul"

When Grammy-nominated flutist, Peter Phippen teams up with “sound healer” Rahbi Crawford, who uses vibrations from her singing bowls to correspond with a person’s chakras—the body’s energy centers, they create deep, meditative, healing soundscapes for the soul.        


Phippen and Crawford are 2014 Native American Music Award nominees. Phippen plays bamboo and wooden flutes, and Crawford plays crystal singing bowls. The music is intended to create a serene atmosphere.

“The echoing sound of the crystals reaches out, blending with the flute to ensnare the listener with a deep spiritual experience. Haunting and vast.”

- Dana Wright New Age Music Reviews

“I must admit I had never heard harmonics emerge from the speakers quite like this before. Although played at a moderate volume, I could physically feel the vibrations touch me as the music progressed.”

- RJ Lannan The Sounding Board

Rahbi Crawford

Rahbi (Roberta) Crawford has accepted her calling as a Musical Mystic. (Mystic: A seeker of Spiritual truths).

Peter Phippen

Grammy Award Nominee, Peter Phippen is an innovative performer of fluted of the world. Researching the performance technique and history of his vast collection of antique and contemporary anthropological aerophones ultimately let him to bring this knowledge to concert stages and educational facilities.

Since 1993, Phippen performed concerts, workshops and artist residencies that are both educational and entertaining - an enchanting mix of the very old and very new in music. Peter has shared the stage with R. Carlos Nakai, Coyote Oldman, and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl to name a few.

Experience Peter Phippen’s timeless world of sound images through concerts, workshops, lectures, assembly programs and residencies. His educational and entertaining program covers the folklore and history of fluted from around the world and throughout time.

As a recording artist for Promotional Music Records, Phippen has released seven CD of original music. Phippen’s recordings have been aired on radio and television worldwide.

Peter is a Grammy Award nominee and three-time Native American Music Award nominee. 

“Peter is a consummate musician and a generous educator. His World Flute presentation was so engaging that none of us wanted it to end! As a performer, his mastery of such a variety of world flute styles is astounding. The subtlety of his performance was transcendent. We look forward to his next visit.” - Brian Pertl, Dean, Lawrence Conservatory of Music.