Mystical Calling, A Sacred Healing Journey through the Chakras

Rahbi Crawford

Meditational, improvised music for personal growth and expansion, featuring the pure sounds of crystal bowls and acoustic instruments, designed to transform energy for greater relaxation, balance, creativity and inner peace.

This is Transformational Music, featuring crystal bowls and acoustic instruments that resonate with the five elements of wind, water, wood, fire and earth. These vibrations open, expand and connect the chakras, organ meridians and subtle fields, breaking up stagnant energy and restoring energy flow to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes to help establish balance within and with our environment.

Rahbi improvises within a system that uses specific pitches, intervals, melodies, harmonies and rhythm to get the listener's attention. Through focus, complete relaxation is achieved producing a deeper state of meditation, greater creativity and inner guidance. She enjoys using unusual instruments and combinations of instruments, such as the tamboura, wooden flute and Udo in track 4 and gong and triple flute in track 6. Her instruments represent various countries and are performed in her own original style.

With two Masters of Music Degrees and ongoing training as an orchestral conductor, Rahbi left her 25 years as teacher and conductor to explore the effects of sound vibrations. The last 10 years have been dedicated to the development of sacred, healing sound. This CD is a result of her own mystical/musical journey.

Rahbi also gives live concerts. Check out her website for audience comments:

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