Audience Comments

Transformational Music

~Peaceful, well rested. Awesome!

~Calm, balanced, expanded, lighter....

~I loved watching the musicians play all the different instruments, but the music was the most awesome when I shut my eyes and just listened.

~I could feel waves of energy moving through my body during the concert, and found I was in a very calm but attentive space. I really enjoyed the various sounds produced and noticed that different parts of my body were reacting at different times. Later that evening when I was ready to go to sleep, I became aware that my whole energy field was activated and humming. In spite of this, I fell asleep easily and a very restful night. Thanks so much for the experience. It feels like it was very healing. I had some slight sinus congestion before the concert which was gone afterwards."

 ~Awesome! Can use more of this type of work. 

~An incredible experience to hear her music!

~I came feeling agitated and angry but I left feeling calm, relaxed, and forgiving.

~Absolutely wonderful-powerful experience! I highly recommend it! Very special what she offers – truly appreciate this.

~Incredible, life changing.

Blew my hair straight back!!! So great. This was my favorite! Learned a lot.

~Truly a delight…An experience I want to experience over and over again.

~I look forward to attending Rahbi's concerts which are coordinated with the solstices throughout the year. Each concert is an energetic tune up, helping prepare me for the upcoming season. I appreciate the beauty of the music and healing properties of the concerts tremendously!

~"My reaction (is) best described as dramatic. Waves of a sort of prickly goose bump type sensations....afterwards I had high energy levels that were very peaceful in nature. Went to bed .....and slept well. Thank you so much."

~Felt abdominal tingling during udu.....the gong was very clearing....

~Psychologically much more "stilled" -- particularly by the E bowl. My head feels clearer.

~Rahbi's music puts you in a state of mindful bliss.


~Wonderful, I loved it!

~My headache is gone. I feel very relaxed.

~I feel more grounded - connected to self. Amazing!

~Feeling soothed, nourished and relaxed.

~I went deeply into an altered state during the concert. I feel brighter and more balanced now. During the concert I felt increasing pressure, and then a release of pressure in the sacral area. The tenderness I had beforehand in this area has largely dissipated. I'm standing straighter now.

~I felt changes on my right occiput, temporal and parietal bones. Shifting occurred. (right side of body was stiff before the concert.

~I feel clearer, more balanced.

~I feel cleansed and lighter, more aware of the surroundings.

~....excellent and an incredible experience for me. I felt so much during the concert and the effects carried on for hours afterwards. I was filled with lots of positive energy and felt very calm throughout the rest of the evening. I love the sound you make together using the wide variety of instruments. I would really like to have a copy of your CD....

~~Wow! Most of the effect for me this evening was clearing my mind.... Thank you for your talent & sharing your gift with me this evening.