About Rahbi

Transformational Music

Rahbi (Roberta) Crawford has accepted her calling as a Musical Mystic. (Mystic: One whose life focus is union with the Divine.As a classically trained music teacher and conductor, she holds two Master Degrees, one in Music Education and another in Choral Conducting.With a passion for orchestral conducting, Rahbi devoted 6 years to further an orchestral conducting career by participating in professional conducting workshops with the American Symphony Orchestra League and the Conductor’s Guild and International workshops in the Czech Republic with the Zlin professional orchestra.


Her studies with advanced musicianship trainer Marianne Ploger, in 2000, led her to the revelation that notes, when played together, have different vibrational affects. When performing, musicians are not just presenting an intellectual and emotional experience, but also an experience that can physically affect the listener through the vibrational qualities of the work.” 

In 2001, she began training with Fabien Maman and the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, www.tama-do.com.


She has since completed Levels I & II in the South of France and participated in further workshops in New York, California, Michigan and Illinois.

Besides her extensive musical skill and training, Rahbi brings to her music her own emotional and spiritual depth. Devoted to ongoing spiritual growth, she has extensively studied Sacred Scriptures and texts and has practiced Hatha Yoga, Qui Gong, forms of Tai Chi and Tao Yin Fa. She is a Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver.

Rahbi has three professionally produced CDs. With the guidance of Rehabilitation Psychologist, Dr. Kenneth Dennis, www.AmericanMindfulness.com, Rahbi layers sound to produce optimal relaxation and quantum healing.